This Gothic style chair can be used in the house as a normal piece of furniture. The seat is made in top quality leather in a variety of colours and finished with stud work. Remove the seat to transform it into a bondage queening chair. Optional extras – stainless steel rings and/or straps.


A very erotic piece of furniture. The cross is removable for easy storage. Stainless steel fittings and leather leg straps are included in the final price.


This larger and sturdier version of the Tau Chair stands on a 4ft Sq folding base. The front is the seated position with studded leather back pad, leather thigh straps and ankle restraining rings.
The rear can be used as a standing cross. All fittings are stainless steel. Base can be folded and the cross can be dismantled from the chair for storage.


This small version of the Tau chair is very sturdy and can be used with your play partner secured/tied and seated erotically, or bent over the back post with hands supported on the leg posts or sat ‘Christine Keeler’ style, with arms supported over the back post.
It comes in a choice of leather colours and wood colour can be matched to your other furniture theme.
Comes with stainless steel bondage rings..



Traditional school desk with chair. Hand made quality piece of furniture
in a variety of colours of your choice.


This is a very large quality Gothic style throne with a red vinyl studded seat. Seat can be in leather if required. Remove the seat and fit the leather straps in the arms and back of seat and it becomes a bondage throne.
Fittings are in stainless steel. Leather or vinyl can be in a choice of colours for you requirements.

Note: see also foot stools in 'misc'

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